ZF 301 is a highly alkaline ultrasonic cleaning agent in powder form, which is especially suitable for steel and gold. Preparation mixture: 30-50g/l Bath temperature: 60-80°C Exposition time: 30-120 sec. Packing: 1, 5 and 10 Kg

Etching salt ZF 304 – the agent for activating steel, copper, copper alloys and passive nickel layers. It is also perfect for neutralizing after an alkaline pretreatment. You no longer have to activate your parts by acid dipping, as was previously the case. Packing: 1, 5 and 10 Kg

The ZF 306 decoction agent/gypsum remover is ideal for decocting soldered parts. This eliminates the annoying and dangerous work with sulfuric acid. ZF 306 can be rinsed off easily and the solution does not need to be brought to the boil. To prepare one liter of ready-to-use solution, 150 to 200 grams of this powder […]

Suitable for filter pump MC10. The filter contains activated carbon to clean organic components.

Suitable for filter pump MC10.

Filter Pump R3 is designed for precious metals recovery, using ion exchange resins for small volume processes. Precious metals are generally bound by the resins in just one pass. Resin content: 3.5-4 Liter  

The filter pump MC10 is used to filter electroplating electrolytes with a volume of 10-50 liters.

Copper Anode for Copper electrolytes Dimensions: 150*50*2 mm

Copper Anode for Copper electrolytes Dimensions: 100*50*2 mm

Nickel Anode for Nickel electrolytes Dimensions: 150*50*2 mm

Nickel Anode for Nickel electrolytes Dimensions: 100*50*2 mm

Chemical formula: C8Н14N2O4Pt Metal content: Min. 48.5%

Chemical formula: H2[PtCl6] • nH2O Metal content: 39.5—40.0%

Chemical formula: H2[Pt(OH)6] Metal content: ≥64.0%

Chemical formula: cis-Pt(NH3)2(NO2)2 Metal content: ≥59.0%

Chemical formula: H12N6O6Pt Metal content: ≥50.0%

Chemical formula: K2[PtCl6] Metal content: ≥39,8%

Chemical formula: cis-Pt(NH3)2Cl2 Metal content: ≥64.5%

Chemical formula: H2[PtCl6] Metal content: 5.0—34.0

Chemical formula: cis-[Pt(NH3)2(C6H6O4)] Metal content: ≥52.0%

Chemical formula: Pt(NH3)2(NO2)2 Metal content:

Chemical formula: K2[PtCl4] Metal content: ≥46.5%

Chemical formula: Pt(NO3)4 Metal content: 15%

Chemical formula: (NH4)2PtCl6 Metal content: ~ 43,5%

Chemical formula: [Pd(NO2)2 (NH3)2] Metal content: 10.0—12.5%

Chemical formula: PdCl2 Metal content: 15.0—25.0%

Chemical formula: [Pd(NH3)4]Cl2 Metal content: 7.0—11.%

Chemical formula: [Pd(NH3)4]SO4 Metal content: 35.5—36.3%

Chemical formula: PdCl2(NH3)2 Metal content: ~ 50%