ZF 301 is a highly alkaline ultrasonic cleaning agent in powder form, which is especially suitable for steel and gold. Preparation mixture: 30-50g/l Bath temperature: 60-80°C Exposition time: 30-120 sec. Packing: 1 And 5  Kg

Etching salt ZF 304 – the agent for activating steel, copper, copper alloys and passive nickel layers. It is also perfect for neutralizing after an alkaline pretreatment. You no longer have to activate your parts by acid dipping, as was previously the case. Packing: 1 and 5 Kg

The ZF 306 decoction agent/gypsum remover is ideal for decocting soldered parts. This eliminates the annoying and dangerous work with sulfuric acid. ZF 306 can be rinsed off easily and the solution does not need to be brought to the boil. To prepare one liter of ready-to-use solution, 150 to 200 grams of this powder […]

ZF 310 is a cyanide-free electrolytic degreasing salt that is suitable for cathodic degreasing of all common metals. To prepare one liter of ready-to-use solution, 60 to 90 grams of this powder is needed. Packing: 1 and 5 Kg