About Zarfan Company

In recent years regarding the high volume in jewelry manufacture’s productions within European and Asian countries, there has been noticeable necessity of affirmation to scale-up competitive quality in production.

We can mention “Surface And Electroplating Technologies” as one of the most impacting factors on product up-grade in this industry .From this point of view ZARFAN with considering to introduction of this technology and offering “Precious Metals Electroplating Products” in jewelry industry, has been established in 2008.

A close collaboration with chemical companies and electroplating equipment companies has been formed. By 2016, ZARFAN could exclusively produce precious metals electroplating products of all types throughout reaching the technology of manufacturing salts, complexes and electrolytes of precious metals and lateral chemicals in IRAN.

Since past years, ZARFAN is honored to have national production’s quality increased, together close cooperation with famous international companies and usable offers. In addition, scientific seminars and business meetings along consistent presence in national and international exhibitions have been aimed to rise the quality and educational level of national and international industry.


  • ”Machinery & Electroplating Systems “

The highest surface covering quality through electroplating equipment in various capacities ranging from 1 Liter to few thousand Liters.

According to customer demand, these systems will be designed afterwards plating system will be running.

”Vast range of chemicals” in order to electroplate of precious metals & non-precious metals.

From start to the end of plating procedure, we provide all chemicals, plating solutions of various metals.

Smooth and shiny surface to a high resistance is the key in this industry which we provide it for you.

Look forward to hearing from you!!