Pre-Gold Electrolyte (ZF 790-PG)

ZF 790-PG is a strongly acidic alloy electrolyte for the adhesive direct gold-plating of stainless steel. It is preferably used for chromium-nickel steels, molybdenum steels and nickel based alloys difficult to activate. Because of its highly activate impact it can be used successfully for passive material which is difficult to plate. The gold electrolyte generally improves the adhesive properties between base material and galvanic surface. The gold electrolyte is suitable for both strike gold layers and thick coatings in the decorative field. The coatings are low in pores and protect against corrosion. The alloy electrolyte can be used for rack and barrel.

Gold content: 3g/L

  • Hard gold electrolyte for the direct gold-plating of stainless steel
  • Low-pore and crack-free coatings
  • Suitable for strike gold layers as well as for thick coatings
  • Good throwing power
  • Suitable for rack and barrel
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Household articles
  • Writing implements
  • Spectacle frames
  • Cutlery