Platinum Electrolyte (ZF 780)

ZF 780 is used for depositing smooth, ultra-bright and extraordinarily abrasion-resistant platinum coatings. The acidic electrolyte is used for technical and decorative applications and guarantees light, white layers – crack-free up to 10 micron. ZF 780 works across a wide operating range and reaches an excellent covering speed. It is used for rack operation.

Platinum content: 2g/100 ml Or 5g/250 ml

  • Acidic platinum electrolyte
  • Light, white and ultra-bright coatings
  • For technical and decorative applications
  • Extraordinarily abrasion-resistant
  • Very wide operating current density range
  • Up to 10 micron layer thickness (crack-free)
  • Suitable for racks
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Writing implements
  • Spectacle frames
  • Accessories