Bright Silver Electrolyte (ZF 470)

ZF 470 deposits bright, very light white coatings without halation with simple bath maintenance. The purity of the silver precipitates is almost 100% and is suitable both for decorative and Also for technical applications. The electrolyte can be used for rack and drum material up to a Thickness of max. 25 micron across a wide applicable current density range. The throwing power of the bright silver electrolyte is excellent and it can be operated even at higher temperatures. For deposition on nickel, no strike silver plating is necessary.

Silver content: 36g/L

  • Very light, brilliant white color
  • Excellent throwing power
  • Wide temperature range up to 40 °C
  • Wide applicable current density range
  • High carbonate tolerance
  • Direct deposition on nickel without strike silver plating
  • Simple bath maintenance
  • Suitable for rack and barrel
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Spectacle frames
  • Household articles
  • Writing implements
  • LED
  • Electronic and communication industries