Black Ruthenium Electrolyte (ZF 440)

ZF 440 Black is the perfect final finish for dark to black surfaces for decorative applications. The black ruthenium electrolyte is strongly acidic and has a long lifetime. It is easy to operate and primarily used for rack plating.

When plating non-precious metals it is recommended to use a pre-gold layer or a pre-palladium layer. ZF 440 Black is suitable for many decorative applications, for instance in the jewelry, bathroom fittings, spectacle frame and writing utensils industries.

Ruthenium content: 5g/250 ml

  • For perfect decorative dark to black final finishes
  • Degree of blackening adjustable
  • Good color constancy
  • Strongly acidic electrolyte with long lifetime
  • Simple bath maintenance
  • Good to very good abrasion resistance
  • Suitable for rack and barrel
  • Bathroom fittings
  • Spectacle frames
  • Jewelry & watches
  • Writing implements
  • Car interiors